Here at Speedfitness Boutique Studio, we are passionate about offering an active and healthy lifestyle to all people, regardless of time constraints and physical limitations. We empower our staff to make a real difference in clients lives and love nothing more than seeing our clients reach their goals.
Coach Selina Speedfitness Boutique Studio Mallorca EMS trainer Personal trainer


Selina is a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Master Psychologist and professional dancer. She is been dancing, teaching and training for more then 10 years. Her passion in life is to help people reach their goals and have a better quality of life. When training clients she takes a holistic approach, where she combines the experience and knowledge she gained over the years to give her clients the best training experience.

With Selina the focus will be on your capabilities and not your inabilities. We are all able to move and get stronger. Lets make sure you will feel strong, fit and physically able, to do all the things you love to do (for many years to come).

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Coach Lotta Speedfitness EMS personal trainer Portals Nous Mallorca


Lotta is a certified Personal Trainer, SGK-coach and licensed EMS trainer. She has years of experience in the industry with performance and functional training as her main focus. She fell in love with EMS training because it allowed her to work with anyone who enjoys working out – no matter what level of fitness they’re at.

Her Personal Training experience will get you sweating and trust us, she’ll not take no for an answer. With her smile and infectious personality, she will get you through your sessions and help you become fitter & stronger.

She has a special knowledge about training and coaching women in the age of 40-60 years.

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Nicky Mather Speedfitness EMS trainer coach Portals Nous


Nicky is a positive, motivated, and compassionate personal trainer seeking equilibrium of health and wellbeing. She studied Sports Nutrition and Exercise science and over the last few years her passion for this field grew as she gained first-hand experience in bikini fitness and saw the positive impact she could directly bring to people’s lives.

With Nicky, you will learn how to make exercise an enjoyable and effective part of your lifestyle. That’s why she loves EMS training! The more fun you have, the more likely you will stick to the exercise and the better results you will see.

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