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    „I'm a sport person, I've been practicing different sports during many years and now with EMS I work all the muscle in a  single session.

    It is safe for my knees and I feel you work every muscle the following day!

    The training with Speedfitness Boutique Studio is very nice and safe. They give me confidence and encourage me to go ahead.

    Try it!!” - Mireya

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    “I spend many hours a week travelling for business meetings around the world and this often means I just don’t find the time (or motivation!) to stick to a  regular fitness routine.  A friend of mine recommended a new training method from Germany, he had my attention when he said he trains for just 20 minutes per week! I have now been training with Stuart for the past 2 months at The Speedfitness Boutique Studio and would highly recommend it!  I have more energy, feel stronger, my body is looking more toned.  Although I haven’t managed to make every session I still feel in great shape and look forward to the next one!” - Kate

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    "I have always wanted to get back in shape after having my first child but I just hate the idea of going to a gym, I tried home workouts but was impossible with a baby, husband and puppy in the house! My friend suggested the Speedfitness boutique as it was completely different to the normal gym setting. I went with her to have a nosey and it didn’t feel like a gym at all. It was very relaxing environment with lovely friendly staff. No big guys covered in sweat staring as you walk in! I am now hooked and not only lost my post pregnancy belly but i’m in better shape than i have ever been in! I think this is perfect for those like me that are body conscious but just hate the gym environment!" - Shane

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    “One of the best experiences I had so far.The studio is modern well design with best materials
    clean and has all you need. The trainers are very friendly professional, helpful and know what they are doing. The service itself really works!
    I’m a single mum with no time for gym anymore, with only 20 mins a week I notice results already. I’m simply grateful for have Speedfitness boutique in my life. By the way they serve a super tasty high quality protein shake after your workout” -Ana

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    "I love my sport and I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to push my limits.  When I first heard about the EMS training it sounded like it was cheating to me - only 20 minutes per week?!  However I gave it a try as owning my own company means many hours spent in the office so I was struggling to make the gym.  I was totally surprised by this new method, I feel like I have done a full weeks worth of training in just 1 short session.  I’ve kept in great shape and I feel as strong and healthy as I did 20 years ago.  I now look forward to every session and have made this is regular part of my week and will continue to do so for the next 20 years!" - George

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    "My mum had a stroke a few years ago and we have struggled to find the best approach to keep her motivated with rehab.  We tried The Speedfitness Home Service after reading an article online, my mum wasn’t keen to go to the studio at first so the trainer came round with the equipment and let my her try it in her own front room.  This has been great for my mum, she is really showing progress in regaining her strength and even losing some weight! She now visits the studio every week and looks forward to every session, actually spends the rest of the week telling everyone about it!  Thanks to the team for all your help." - Janine

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